Girl Versus Woman

Taxi Driver: Ha Auntie! So you be woman?

Single Female Adult: What do you mean? (Obviously confused because I don't believe I look like a man).

Taxi Driver: I be think say you be girl

Single Female Adult: Huh! (Obviously still confused)

Taxi Driver: I see the pampers wen you buy for your pikin (child), so you be woman na! You no get woman body at all (I guess this means I am not big or fat or whatever a woman should look like). How old your pikin (child) be?

Single Female Adult: One (I have no idea why I said that, maybe to just end the awkward conversation or to keep the respect he had decided I deserved just because he thought I was a 'woman').

blog arts2This strange conversation (maybe, not so strange if you really think about it) occurred between a taxi driver and I, a while back.

It begs the question: what actually categorises a female as a girl or a woman? Is it

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Looking to get hitched? Apply here

Concerned friend, family or stranger: Why are you still single?

Me: Why are you still married?

Credit:Some smart anonymous person

Every time someone asks, ‘why are you still single? I wonder if that means you are supposed to wear a sign that says, ‘looking to get hitched? Apply here.

Being in love and getting married is not a lone act (Boy! I so wish it were; it sure would simplify things). Yet, it requires

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