Concerned friend, family or stranger: Why are you still single?

Me: Why are you still married?

Credit:Some smart anonymous person

Every time someone asks, ‘why are you still single? I wonder if that means you are supposed to wear a sign that says, ‘looking to get hitched? Apply here.

Being in love and getting married is not a lone act (Boy! I so wish it were; it sure would simplify things). Yet, it requires

two functional individuals (hopefully, sane as well) with a readiness to commit the rest of their lives to a future together. I may be slow sometimes, but I believe that means you need the consent and commitment from ‘person B’ too, doesn’t it? So when someone asks why are you still single? It implies that somehow, you have chosen to be single. Am not sure if the question is supposed to be some sort of psychological awakening that implies that you are still single because somehow you have chosen to be. No wait! I get, at least, one marriage proposal everyday, I just turn all of them down because am not ready yet (That’s me being sarcastic just in case you missed the punchline). How about the obvious answer being I haven’t met or resolved the other half of the equation yet!

So short of desperately hauling someone to the altar (No pun intended), I believe the answer to this very annoying question should be obvious.

Full disclosure: I am itching to practise my new answer, ‘why are still married?’ So be warned…


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